Ōkupu - Your words

The Tui is a native bird of Aotearoa (New Zealand). 


It has a wide range of calls and sings at night, especially around the full moon. 


Māori domesticated the Tui and trained them much like a parrot to mimic the complex speech of their owners.


That’s why we are using Tui bird as part of our logo, as the Ōkupu app is taking the words of people and transforming them into Māori. 


In addition to this, the translator will provide an audio recording of the translation so that the user can imitate the correct pronunciation – just like the Tui could.


Users can download the interactive smartphone app, register and request a translation for a small fee.


An approved and fluent Māori language expert will receive the text and provide an accurate translation, fit for purpose and an audio recording.


You can also request from the translator the dialect from your iwi(tribe), or if unknown a universal te reo Māori translation will be provided to you.


Ōkupu eliminates the awkwardness of asking others for simple translations and being worried that it may offend them. 


Even better, it will cost less than a cup of coffee in Auckland.


Watch the Ōkupu launch on Facebook coming soon!

Where can I get the app?

Ōkupu will be available free on the iOS app store and Google Play Store shortly. 


How much do the translations cost?

Most translations will range between 50 to 90 cents per word, depending on the number of words. There is a 180 character word limit. If you are seeking an interpretation of a single kupu (word), this will be translated at a much lower rate. 


 What is my assurance these translations are correct?

 All translators are vetted and approved to ensure the quality of translations is trustworthy and is appropriate to the context provided. You will be able to use the translation with confidence. Ōkupu connects users with reputable translators, not Bots or Machine Translators. 


What happens if I have a business document or pamphlet I want to be translated that exceeds the 180 character limit?

We do offer a commercial translation service that you can use by visiting here. 


What translations won’t you do?

Ōkupu will not translate profanity, racism or content that causes harm or conflict on others. See our terms and conditions here.


Are my payments secure?

All payments are secured via Stripe payment processing the most trusted payment system around the globe.


Where is my data saved?

Stripe encrypts all data and saves information within a separate hosting infrastructure that is certified to the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Ōkupu does not store credit card information, nor do we use or sell your information to any third party.

Privacy is key to ensuring your security and ours.  Our app developers ensure that our systems are kept encrypted and secure.

For further information, our privacy policy can be found here.

Our full terms and conditions for our app and services can be found here